Healing Help

Made using only safe, high quality ingredients, this vegan, all-natural, handmade salve has been used to ease the pain and speed healing of burns, eczema-like skin irritations, minor abrasions, torn nails/cuticles, cracked dry skin, paper cuts, itching, rashes & more. Helpful to those allergic to Poly- or Neosporin. NOT for use in eyes.

Healing Help contains coconut, cocoa & shea butters, flower/herb-infused EVOO [all of them organic], aloe vera gel [99% organic] & 19 pure, professional quality essential oils.

No chemical preservatives added. Prevent contamination by using a clean, dry applicator to remove product from container. Use very sparingly — a little goes a long way!

See TESTIMONIALS for more ways to use Healing Help.

Note: In warm weather, product could soften during shipment, but it does not affect the quality. To avoid spills, gently tap bottom of unopened jar on a flat surface and then place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes before opening.


$15 / 7ml (23.5g) jar ~ $3 Flat Rate Shipping

Currently No International Sales

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