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It is so very rewarding to learn that my first product, Healing Help, has helped so many people! They’ve used it in ways I didn’t imagine and with a level of success I didn’t dare expect or hope for. Here are some of the great things they’ve had to say about Healing Help.

I love this product. It is great for both healing & preventing scarring. I’ve used it to heal the corners of my mouth, a wound on my leg & a cancer shaving on my arm. An injury to my left leg left a sensitive darkened area that refused to heal. Healing Help began the healing process immediately & best of all, I have no scarring or sensitivity! Great product! I’ve never used a better all-purpose skin cream. —Shauna Harper, Parkersburg, WV

Stopped hemorrhoidal itching almost immediately! —Anonymous, Kansas City, MO

In the past, I used antibiotics, creams, a compounded facial lotion & laser treatments to treat rosacea. All expensive and benefits temporary. As redness increased, I used more makeup & powder to cover it.  Within two nights of using Healing Help, my complexion improved and redness disappeared. I now use the cream on any new redness and need no powder for coverage. Healing Help is a wonder cream! —Marilyn H., Galax, VA

Used Healing Help on a paper cut & burn. Quickly took away soreness & pain. —M. Post, Vienna, WV

I’m allergic to Neosporin & Polysporin and use Healing Help instead. Great results & no adverse reaction. —Owner, E. Grishaber, Kansas City, MO

Now in my late twenties, I have struggled with adult acne scars for years. I  tried countless creams and ointments but nothing had a lasting effect. Then I found this miracle cream, Healing Help, and my redness started to fade right away. I now use it as my daily and nightly moisturizer and my skin has cleared up so dramatically I can even go without makeup confidently! This product really works! —Rachel H., Athens, OH

I use ‘Healing Help‘ cream & it works wonderfully on itchy, dry skin patches, scratches and abrasions. I’m amazed at how quickly they heal. I am very thankful to have something so safe that works so well! —Barbara Z., Parkville, MO

After trying several other remedies on my dog for irritation caused by his collar, I tried Healing Help. It worked better than anything else I’ve tried & my dog didn’t mind the smell of it as he had with other products. The rash cleared with only two applications. I plan to keep this cream on hand for all of our family. —Heidi G., Kansas City, KS

I hit my toe & broke the toenail into the quick. Area became red & painful and I had problems wearing shoes. Used Healing Help daily for a few days. Wound healed without loss of nail. I recommend Healing Help because it works.
—Reta C., Galax, VA

Used Healing Help on a hangnail, plus a band-aid, last night and feels so much better! First time I’ve used it and think it is good “stuff”! —S.B., Missouri

Used Healing Help on a rash in my armpits and the rash disappeared in a few days. I tried several other creams that had no effect. Also helps my heels that are dry/sore from running daily. I’m totally sold on this cream & recommend it to anyone for their skin problems. —Don C., Kansas City, MO

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