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Making & using quality infused oils

Infused oils contain the medicinal properties of the herbs and flowers that are steeped in them.  Other ingredients, such as cayenne, can be infused as well.  They are made for external use and are often the base for salves, ointments, balms, etc.

I make infusions using the guidelines in Richo Cech’s book,  Making Plant Medicine, 4th Edition [].  Flowers and herbs are steeped in oil, kept at a temperature between 110-120 degrees F.  Fresh herbs are processed for 1 week, dried herbs for 2 weeks.  During that time, the mixture is stirred once or twice daily.  When complete, the infusion is strained into jars and kept refrigerated until used.

All infusions used in my products are made in-house, using organic oils, flowers and herbs.   While it’s time and labor intensive, it allows me to control the quality and proportion of ingredients in them, as well as be certain of the freshness of the final product.   Quality infusions make quality products!

Mixing EOs with commercial products

From a book on advanced aromatherapy, I’ve learned that mixing essential oils into some commercial products can be unwise, depending on the ingredients in it.  Because our skin has high permeability to EOs, mixing them with products having undesirable ingredients ( PEGs, for example) possibly could allow the unwanted ingredients to piggyback on the EOs… Continue Reading

Litsea cubeba

With an intense lemony fragrance that’s similar to, but sweeter than, lemongrass, Litsea cubeba is a pale yellow essential oil.  The oil is steam distilled from the pepper-shaped fruit of a small tropical tree native to east Asia.   The leaves and flowers of the trees have a lemongrass fragrance. Litsea essential oil is reported… Continue Reading

First veterinarian testimonial!

I’m so pleased to have received a Healing Help testimonial from Linda Faris, the holistic veterinarian who, along with my primary care vet [Melissa Rose], has helped my Bichon boys to lead the very best lives possible.  Her positive review is both reassuring and encouraging! “Pearl Abbey topical cream/lotion is gentle, soothing and safe to… Continue Reading