Ache Away

Formulated to help ease joint & muscle pain, Ache Away contains coconut oil & cocoa butter, flower-infused EVOO [all organic], candelilla wax, 15 professional quality essential oils & menthol crystals.

Apply sparingly, thoroughly massaging product into affected area.  Avoid eye contact.


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your essential oil products (they have become essential to us). I put the Ache Away cream and heat on my old achy finger. All I know is that I had pain & with a little of your cream and some applied heat the pain has nearly subsided. Thank you, thank you. You are doing The Lord’s work, God Bless. —M. Harper, Parkersburg, WV


$10 / 1oz (28g) tub ~ $3 Flat Rate Shipping

Currently No International Sales

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