Ache Away

Formulated to help ease joint & muscle pain, Ache Away contains coconut oil & cocoa butter, flower-infused EVOO [all organic], candelilla wax, 15 professional quality essential oils & menthol crystals.

Apply sparingly, thoroughly massaging product into affected area.  Avoid eye contact.


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your essential oil products (they have become essential to us). I put the Ache Away cream and heat on my old achy finger. All I know is that I had pain & with a little of your cream and some applied heat the pain has nearly subsided. Thank you, thank you. You are doing The Lord’s work, God Bless. —M. Harper, Parkersburg, WV


See TESTIMONIALS for more ways to use Ache Away.


$10 / 1oz (28g) tub ~ $3 Flat Rate Shipping

Currently No International Sales

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