Monthly Archives: August 2016

Healing Help helps a cat!

My cat had a wound on her head behind her ear (from fighting) that didn’t seem to be healing. I was trying to put Healing Help on it but she wouldn’t cooperate. After I let her smell it, she allowed me to put some on her. Then she got on my lap and slept and purred contentedly.  I applied some the next day with no problems. The next day the wound was almost completely healed. Healing Help worked great and my cat seems happy.   M. Post,  Vienna, WV

First veterinarian testimonial!

I’m so pleased to have received a Healing Help testimonial from Linda Faris, the holistic veterinarian who, along with my primary care vet [Melissa Rose], has helped my Bichon boys to lead the very best lives possible.  Her positive review is both reassuring and encouraging! “Pearl Abbey topical cream/lotion is gentle, soothing and safe to… Continue Reading

Snakeroot Essential Oil (Asarum canadense)

With a rich warm, woody, ginger-like spicy fragrance and an amber color, snakeroot essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the roots and rhizomes of the plant.  It’s seldom prescribed now, but was used previously in folk medicine for: rheumatism, painful and stomach spasms and chronic chest complaints. In aromatherapy use, its antispasmodic qualities… Continue Reading

Buchu (Agothosma betulina)

Buchu essential oil is derived by steam distillation from the dried leaves of a small shrub which has a strong blackcurrant-like odor.  The shrub is native to the Cape of Good Hope and now grows wild all over South Africa.  The oil has a strong camphoraceous-minty odor and is dark yellow-brown. The oil should not… Continue Reading